INTERFERENCES: connect and share knowledge
03 May 2018

INTERFERENCES: connect and share knowledge

We thank all who participated in the INTERFERENCES,  it was an interdisciplinary comparison held by SIGNO and MM Design at the Milan Design Week. They were rich, inspiring evenings full of ideas with a fruitful confrontation between very different figures, united in their desire for new perspectives. 

Psychologist Ugo Morelli with And Yet It Creates spoke about the aesthetic experience, he explained saturation as a great obstacle to creativity.

With Green Intelligence Alessandro Pozzi, agronomist, presented the natural world and its extraordinary opportunities. Their root system is a formidable network of connections, metaphor of twine knowledges.

Beauty is the star in The Rule of Art of photographer Corrado Piccoli, a succession of stunning pictures of in the historic centre of Treviso and of Tobia Scarpa’s work  for Benetton Foundation in the restoration of the Church of S. Teonisto.

Virginio Briatore, philosopher of design and observer of contemporary languages, talked about the beauty of hospitality. In the age of technology and unstoppable migrations, We Are (still) Guests on this Earth.

New Connectivity could be a response to the incredible speed of change which we are exposed explained Massimo Andriolo, an expert in innovation strategies, talking about technological, social, political and economic changes.

INTERFERENCES were pleasant moments of relaxation with good music and toasts to creativity and beauty, including those not yet discovered!

A special thank to our friends who have honored us as speakers. Thanks to who worked for the success of our Milan Design Week.  

You can see the photos of the event here.

Event video
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