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From big to small scale, every detail is considered important in our approach which combines human and scientific methods.


La Rossa Lake front

SIGNO presents a new development project near Lake Como. Building off of the client’s request for new use, the project’s hallmark is the articulation of new areas dedicated to tourist infrastructure in green spaces, all nestled within the charming foothills of Lecco.

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Concept stores

Concept Store Senfter

Value added to the new space is in direct connection between producer and final consumer. For the foundation’s 80th anniversary, Senfter intends to give its customers a store where they can buy products directly from the manufacturer. A distinctive feature is the play between light and shade produced by a twist of natural elements that characterize architectural composition.

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Interior design

Spa & Wellness

The project's objective is to give additional value to the eighteenth-century villa by creating a space for wellness and relaxation for guests. One of the unique features of its subterranean architecture is the valorization of lights and colors in sinuous and organic forms, which produces a singular sensory experience for the users.

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Design studio exhibitions

D_segno italiano

As a part of EXPO 2015, the exhibition “D_segno italiano” (illustrating the historic Compass d’Oro collection), demonstrated that with continuous synergy between designers, manufacturers, large-scale industry and handicraft artisans, excellent results come to light, which showcase the mastery of our country.

Decade after decade, the Golden Compass illustrates that design is strongly connected to society and excellence.

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Our approach to the workshops

SIGNO organizes workshops for companies, organizations and institutions in places which promote concentration by being away from the usual frantic business space.

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