SIGNO: our Architecture Studio in Milan

Signo, a meeting point between architecture and design, was born with the intent to combine different skills and competencies in shared projects that aim to bring value through emotions.

Craftsmanship and innovative excellence in businesses intersects the design in a historial space, which becomes a kind of cenacle in which to find the extraordinary union between both art and science, and humanist and technical fields.

Maria Elisabetta Ripamonti

Maria Elisabetta Ripamonti

Graduate in Architecture and in Business and Economics. She is a freelancer specializing in the design and restructure of buildings with low energy consumption. In 2002 she founded the HYPATIA STUDIO. She handles environmental and design aspects in both new buildings and for retrofitting older and historical structures. Her articles have been published in various magazines for the energy sector.

She is the author of “Thermal Bridges: Analysis and Hypotheses for Solutions” Flaccovio (Editor, 2011). Second Edition 2015.

Since 2011 she has been President of Lecco Architects; from 2012 to 2014 she has been Treasurer of the Consortium of Architects of Lombardia.

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“We want to share projects, combine skills and harmonize our professions in the hope to regain value in beauty which produces emotion. The world expects this from our country, this positive courage that is found in the excellence of professionals, businesses and artisans.”

Alex Terzariol

Alex Terzariol

Graduated at the European Institute of Design in Milan with a degree in automotive in collaboration with Fiat Auto Design Centre.

In 1987 he started his professional activity with designer Rodolfo Bonetto. In 1991 he founded the MM DESIGN in Bolzano specializing in Industrial Design and Product Engineering. His studio works with many international companies in different industrial fields. In 2013 MM DESIGN studio opened a new office in San Paulo Brazil.

He has won many design awards at the international level. Since 2014 he has been member of ADI Executive Board in Milan where he is responsible for international activities.

“As children of those who made Italy great, we have found the pride to collect ideas and join audacity with optimism. We are the heirs of great masters and children of the economic miracle, and now we are the creators of the future, which is written in new challenges.”