Concept Store Senfter

Concept store for Senfter
Bolzano 2016
Added values
Transparency of the building and the company
Natural elements for a sensory experience
Modern Technological Production
Concept Store Senfter

Tradition & Innovation

Value added to the new space is in direct connection between producer and final consumer. For the foundation’s 80th anniversary, Senfter intends to give its customers a store where they can buy products directly from the manufacturer. A distinctive feature is the play between light and shade produced by a twist of natural elements that characterize architectural composition.

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Tasting Food: a Customer Experience

The project uses natural materials, which play up the contrast between warm colors (such as wood) and colder ones (such as glass). Ancient materials with modern compositions recall the history of the company and creates a kind of metaphor for the continuous interweaving of tradition and innovation, as well as a respect for the environment and cutting-edge technologies.


Eng. Simone Lomuoio contributed in this project.

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